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Powerboat Training on Holiday in Corfu

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

We all want to have some adventures and exciting times on our holidays and a powerboat rental for the day is a great way of exploring the area and have a great time. Here in Greece you can rent a boat up to 30 horse power without a licence and any experience. You will receive a quick explanation of the boat, lifesaving equipment and sea areas as per the requirements and set on your way but in any normal situation at home we wouldn't think of getting into a car and driving off with 10 minutes training....... I guess not but why does it seem fine on holiday when we are in a very unfamiliar area and have our families with us and, dare I say it, there might be a little tipple involved. Maybe our guard is down because the sun is shining and we want to leave behind any restrictions of our normal pressures or people might not be fully aware of the dangers that might be involved through inexperience in a powerboat.

I have lost count of how many times I have seen some poor unfortunate family trying to dock their boat when its all gone wrong because the wind has picked up or the ropes are tangled and a poor dad is desperately trying to get the boat alongside, more often than not being shouted at by everyone else and wheels have truly fallen off. The other constant is there is always an audience playing the sport of 'lets watch the rental boats crash' which just makes it worse. It just doesn't seem like they are having fun to me at the very least and the worst scenario is it could be very dangerous for them and their family members and someone could get hurt. That phrase 'it all goes wrong in the last 3 feet' really comes true.

That's why we came to Greece and opened Corfu Powerboating. We want to offer a fun, safe environment to train you almost as a adventure in itself, why not make it make it part of your holiday? We have a level of practical and theory training for everyone. Whether you want to complete your RYA Powerboat Level 2 course for your Powerboat Level 2 licence to allow you charter a larger boat or just want to have an brief introduction to increase your confidence for a smaller boat on holiday

Remember - proper training is essential, it takes away those anxious moments that can spoil your day, increases your fun factor and makes you and your family safer. Don't be that family struggling to dock their boat. Think about training, It will make the difference for your holiday and the rest of your boating adventures for the future.

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